How to Get More Deep Sleep? Ultimate Guide by TheSW

I want to get more deep sleep, how can I do it ?

Do you feel more tired in the morning? Seems like you haven’t slept at all? Even though you slept over 8 hours?

Read on and teach yourself and your body how to get deep sleep and slumber on without any side effects.

In order to induce deep sleep, there are certain key things that you need to understand, below we’ll go through each one of them.

Consequences of a Lack of Deep Sleep

When we sleep, our body rests and our brain remains active. If you aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis, you are on risk of developing long-term health problems. On the other hand, getting a healthy night sleep can increase your health and boost your energy.

Not getting the sleep you need is the worst thing which can damage your health and your body. There are a lot of disadvantages that sometimes we are not aware of. Read on and see why deep sleep is essential for your health;

Faster Aging

“Beauty Sleep” is not just a word you hear every now and then; it is a real thing! After a few nights without proper sleep, or without sleeping at all, your skin can develop wrinkles. To prevent yourself from faster aging you should pay more attention to your bedtime hours, sleeping hours, and getting rest.

Not only that you will get your wrinkles, but your skin will also start losing its elasticity and become more damaged over the time. These kinds of damages can become permanent. The dark circles under the eyes, sallow skin, lines across the face are more likely to become permanent owing to the lack of deep sleep.

Medical Conditions

Lack of deep sleep can cause several medical conditions. Be aware of the most severe health problems and disadvantages that are caused by lack of natural deep sleep:

One of the most severe drawbacks that occur from lack of sleep is health problems. Depression, diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressures are just a few of the things that can be caused by a lack of deep sleep.

Impaired Memory

Lack of sleep directly affects our ability to memorize things. Especially if you are studying, you should forget about studying all night. It is essential to have a deep sleep during the night so you can process information.

Sometimes it happens that you have to study all night and seem to remember nothing in the morning. That is because, during sleep, our brain is more focused on the things we did during the day, such as learning new things. With getting deep sleep, our mind can focus and process information more appropriately.

Skills that have been learned during your day, or even night, are converted into memories during your sleep. When you don’t get your deep sleep at night, you are not able to store this knowledge in the long-term area of your brain. And this is not only about the learning process; it also limits your ability to solve problems more effectively.

if you lack deep sleep, then your memory can be at risk

Quality of Life

Without getting your sleep at night, you will become less likely to go out and hang out with your friends. It is no fun to be tired all the time. You should learn how to get your deep sleep.

Increased Stress Level

If you handle stressful situations in your everyday life, like a workspace, then you should be aware that not getting enough sleep at night is causing more stress to your body.

When you don’t get enough sleep at night, your body naturally releases the stress hormone cortisol.

Fertility Issues

Even though there aren’t any positive proofs for this, more experts know that lack of sleep can stress out your body and can impair your ability to sustain a pregnancy.

Sleep deprivation directly causes infertility, which again means you should sleep deeply at night.


Many researchers have shown that people who are not getting their natural deep sleep have just as many accidents as someone who is drunk.

That happens because your brain is not well rested. At this moment our mind doesn’t take information, doesn’t process it well and doesn’t respond to the moment as quickly as usual. At such times you should lower your speed or not operate heavy machinery or drive at all.

Breeding Ground For Dangerous Diseases

Night work is probably the most important carcinogen. The lack of sleep makes the body breeding ground for cancer.

Colon cancer, breast cancer prostate cancer is more likely to develop just because of sleeping disorders.

Not having enough deep sleep at night can develop some of the most dangerous diseases. Even if you may not pay attention to the quality of your sleep at night, you should think about the quality of your life and your health, which could be much worse over time.

On the Positive Side of Deep Sleep

Live Longer

As already mentioned, lack of sleep can lead to many serious health problems, and getting enough sleep at night can reduce illness. People who are sleeping six, eight or more hours during the night are less likely to catch any common cold during “cold season.”


If you are a sports person, there is one sure way to boost your energy and improve your score: sleep. Many of the world’s famous tennis players and swimmers claim that before their “big match” they are getting a good night of sleep and achieve way better results.

if you get more deep sleep, you will simply win more in life

Forget About Diet! Get Some Sleep

If you are planning to starve yourself and going on a diet, forget that. Instead of planning what to eat, plan your bedtime. People that don’t sleep enough during the night have more weight problems and get easily fat. That is because of the same sectors of the brain control sleep and metabolism.

Avoiding Irritability

Sleeping well means steer clearing of depression. Lack of sleep can easily contribute to depression and a good night sleep can help a moody person to decrease their anxiety. The more rest you get at night, the more stability you earn with the sleep.

You Will Smile More

Not getting enough sleep increases your chances of feeling down, which can easily lead to depression. People with insomnia are more depressed and sad than those who sleep normally. But even if you are not prone to a medical condition, one week of not getting enough sleep can make you moody. It can make you feel sad, angry, stressed out. Get back to your sleep routine, because it is essential to rise and shine.

In the end, it is all about finding the right balance in life. We should never forget the benefit that good sleep has. Sleep is vital for learning and memory, and every extra hour can make a big difference in your life. Starting from boosting your immune system, reducing stress hormones and the most important it keeps you in fit shape. With good deep sleep, you are preventing your body from developing cancer, heart diseases…

as a direct consequence of taking more deep sleep, you will smile more

The Roadmap: How to Get More Deep Sleep ?

Understand Your REM Sleep Cycles

Do you know the difference between REM and Non REM Cycle? REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement.

During your REM sleep, your eyes are moving more quickly in various directions, and this movement doesn’t happen during the Non-REM sleep. The first sleep that comes is the Non-REM Sleep, and then there is a shorter period of REM SLEEP.

In the first period of Non-REM sleep, there are a couple of stages, and each stage lasts from five to fifteen minutes. Before reaching REM sleep, you naturally go through these three phases:

  • In this phase, your eyes are shut, and it is so easy for someone to awake you. Usually, this phase lasts for like five to ten minutes.
  • In stage two, you are in your light sleep. Now your heart rate is starting to slow down, and your body temperature drops. This means you are ready for deep sleep.
  • Now we are getting to our deep sleep stage. In this stage, it is harder for someone to wake you up, and if some woke you up, you feel like disoriented. Usually, when we get awake at this moment, we are questioning the date, the time and we need a couple of minutes to face reality.

As our ages progress and as we get older, we sleep more lightly, and that’s why it’s important to learn how to deep sleep naturally.

Usually, REM sleep happens an hour and a half after you fall asleep. REM sleep occurs periodically. So, first stage lasts for 10 minutes, and after that, it gets longer, with a final duration of one hour. During REM Sleep our brain is more active, and your heart rate and breathing are more intense. This is the period where we have intense dreams.

Often, we think that we had these dreams for the whole night, but they happen in REM Sleep which sometimes could last 10 minutes or less.

The Position of Your body

Paying attention to your sleeping position is essential. Although it is very rare to find people who do it, the best thing is to sleep on your back. In that way, you are stretching your whole body, and you breathe more easily than sleeping in any other position. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of several of the most common sleeping positions:


  • Back sleeper

Pros: Fewer facial wrinkles, fewer back problems, less heartburn.

Cons: Back sleepers don’t get it all. This position can lead to some problems, like snoring.


  • Side sleeper

Pros: Less heartburn (on the left side), better brain health, better blood flow, reduces constipation.

Cons: Possibility of damage to the shoulders.


  • Stomach sleeper

Pros: NONE

Cons: Wake up feeling anxious, spine strained, pressure on joints in back and neck numbness, stiffness.

Every sleep position comes with its pros and cons, but the important thing is to find the one that suits you the best, that way you can experience deep sleep during the night.

Meditation Can Help With Deep Sleep

Meditating is perfect for inducing a deep slumber, as it calms your body and the sleep will naturally come in your mind. You can try it by listening to quiet music and lying on your back. Your breathing will slow down, and in no time you will feel that your body is relaxed and ready for sleep.

meditation is a great way to make your sleep more deep

Take Care of Your Bedtime Schedule

Having a bedtime schedule will train your mind and body to go to sleep at a particular time. So, if you go to bed every night at 11.00 PM, your body will learn that it is bedtime and you will get asleep more easily and indicate deeply dream.

Turn Off Your Devices

This should be number one! If you want to get deep sleep naturally, then turn off your devices. You should power off all of your devices at least one hour before sleep. A lot of researches have shown that people who are scrolling down their Instagram or Facebook pages in bed, right before their bedtime, have trouble with deep sleep.

Say No to Caffeine

You should be aware that caffeine is the adversary of deep sleep. If you’re a coffee person, make sure your intake is in moderation. Never drink coffee or tea with caffeine at least three or four hours before bedtime.

Say No to Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes can affect your sleep in different ways. Smoking before bed is one of the most terrible ideas because nicotine increases your heart rate, which leads to a disturbance in your body’s rhythms.

Some people smoke to relax before bedtime, but our bodies receive the opposite signals: that we are not ready for bed. It is best if you don’t smoke two or three hours before your planned bedtime. Otherwise, you will get light sleep if at all, which will result in you waking up tired.

Smoking that last cigarette is keeping you a step away from your deep, peaceful sleep that gives natural health benefits to your body.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Yes, we are aware that is easier than done but if you’ve been struggling with your sleep for some time now, it’s time to rethink and recalibrate your life.

Remember to take a small break when you can so you can calm yourself during your workday.

Light Exercises go a Long Way

If you are asking yourself what’s the best way to get deep sleep naturally, then this is the answer: Exercise more! Doing physical activity will help your body to stretch, will release stress and will help you in getting a deeper sleep.

Avoid Those Naps

If you want to induce deep sleeping, then forget about taking naps in the afternoons. Instead of napping take a walk. Fresh air will help you sleep deeply at nights. Walking outside every night even for fifteen or twenty minutes can make a huge difference and impact on your night sleep. Don’t waste your time in front of your computer or TV, go out and take a walk.

Cool Your Bedroom

It is imperative to open up your windows, even if it is cold outside, before your bedtime. Every hour before sleeping open up wide your window. Lying on cold sheets will naturally help you to get a comfortable sleep. The fresh air will also ensure even sweeter mornings.

No Big Meals

We all know that getting deep sleep is very hard some nights. But the truth is that sometimes it is our fault. Eating big meals just before sleep won’t help you fall asleep quickly. The most natural thing for our bodies is to eat two or three hours before bedtime.

Say No to Alcohol

Same as with caffeine, you should avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. Even though coffee is keeping you awake, with alcohol, it is a whole different story. You will get to sleep instantly, but you are not getting the “deep sleep” satisfaction. And in the morning you feel more tired, or as you haven’t slept at all or worse, wake up dehydrated and with a hangover.

stayin away from alcohol will help you get the sleep you need

Brighten Up Your day

The natural sunlight or bright light during the day keeps telling your body to stay awake, and during the night your brain and body will get the message to go naturally to sleep.

Our bodies have a natural time-keeping clock, known as “circadian rhythm,” which affects our brains and hormones telling our body when is the time to sleep and when is the time to be awake. By getting daily sunlight exposure, you will get way better sleep at night.

Take Care of Your Bedroom Environment

Your bedroom is where you spend one-third of your life. It needs to be your most significant investment and should be in an excellent condition regarding all aspects.

This includes aspects such as temperature, noise or furniture. External noise, often from traffic or loud music have an impact on our deep sleep at night. Try to minimize the external noise, light and other lights from devices like alarm clocks. Make sure your bedroom is quiet.

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